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Natures Menu Raw Meals Senior Nuggets

Natures Menu Raw Meals Senior Chicken & Fish Nuggets
Natures Menu Senior Nuggets are delicious complete and balanced nuggets which are tailored for senior dogs. Grain free and lower in fat, the delicious Nuggets are made using free range chicken, white fish, tasty vegetables, wholesome sweet potatoes as well as vitamins and minerals. The nuggets are easy to serve, simply just count them out and thaw.

  • Raw nuggets
  • Grain free
  • Tailored for senior dogs
  • Lower in fat
  • Delicious, balanced and complete
  • Quality ingredients
  • Contains raw minced bone for added nutritional value
  • Only human grade meat used
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Simple to serve
  • ❄ This is a frozen product

Size: 1kg



Chicken 30%, White Fish 25%, Sweet Potato 19%, Peas 10%, Carrots 5%, Swede 5%, Chicken Liver 5%,

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