Natraliving Thuja

Natraliving Thuja 30c & 200c

Used for:

  • Equine sarcoids & warts
  • Acute Rainscald
  • Mudfever
  • Vaccine reaction
  • Combine with Equine Sarcoid remedy to treat sarcoids.

Thuja remedies can be used to successfully treat warts. Thuja 30c is better for warts that have been present for a long time, whereas Thuja 200c should be used for more recent problems.

Suggested application: Try 200c twice daily for a minimum of five days.

Size: 30c & 200c - 7g


How should remedies be administered?
Avoid direct use of hands on the tablets to preserve their potency. Tip 1 or 2 tablets at a time into the lid, and then drop into the large cavity of the animal’s lip where it will dissolve and enter the system via the mucous membranes. You might find it easier to place the tablets into a slice of carrot or apple. It is not effective to mix into the feed.

How often should remedies be used?
The dosage will depend on the actual symptom(s) and nature or condition of the patient. Sometimes even a single dose can provide a great benefit. (1 dose = 3 tablets)

In the case of emergencies: give every 10-15 minutes for up to 6 doses or in very acute cases 5-15 minutes for the first hour and then reduce gradually.

Acute short term conditions: that are resolvable, give 3-4 doses daily.

Persistent longer term conditions: requiring treatments over weeks or months – give once daily to once weekly.

In general, continue with dosage until symptom(s) improve or change, then reduce or stop with significant improvement or when symptom(s) cease.

If symptoms persist please consult your vet


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