Neue Schule

Neue Schule Waterford Baucher

Neue Schule Waterford Hanging Cheek/Baucher
Is your horse strung out, ‘wooden’ and sometimes ignores your requests for outline and self-carriage? This mild lever action could be the key. The combination of the Baucher cheek and the Waterford mouthpiece, culminates in a round, lighter, outline.

Salox copper alloy is formulated to encourage acceptance through warmth and sweetness, comprising nickel-free copper, alloyed with other major and trace components, including trace non-metallic components.
Salox boasts the fastest warm-up time of any of its competitors

Sizes: 14mm x 5", 5.5", 6"

PLEASE NOTE: Due to hygiene reasons all bits are non-returnable. Please ensure that your purchase the correct size for your horse.


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