Neue Schule

Neue Schule Verbindend Loose Ring

Neue Schule Verbindend Loose Ring
The NS Verbindend greatly emphasises the signals through the rein. By encouraging clarity of the aids, and promoting a true outline the freedom through the shoulder can be developed, thus promoting self carriage and thoroughness.

Salox copper alloy is formulated to encourage acceptance through warmth and sweetness, comprising nickel-free copper, alloyed with other major and trace components, including trace non-metallic components. Salox boasts the fastest warm-up time of any of its competitors

This item is Dressage Legal

Sizes: 5", 5 ¼", 5 ½", 5 ¾", 6", 6.5"
12mm with 55mm Rings
12mm with 70mm Rings
16mm with 70mm Rings

PLEASE NOTE: Due to hygiene reasons all bits are non-returnable. Please ensure that your purchase the correct size for your horse.


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