LeMieux High Visibility Dressage Square (Tangerine)

LeMieux High Visibility Dressage Square (Tangerine)
The LeMieux High Visibility Dressage Square is designed for visibility in all conditions. The dressage square features a florescent material which covers the whole of the outside of the pad. The reflective material meets the BS EN1150 safety standard and provides excellent reflective properties in both rain and poor light. Other features include florescent trimming and stitching, a bamboo lining for heat and sweat management, a high wither swan neck design, D-ring attachments and multiple lower girth strap positions.

  • High Visibility Dressage Square
  • Provides visibility in all conditions
  • Florescent detailing
  • Bamboo lining
  • High wither swan neck design
  • Multiple lower girth strap positions
  • D-ring attachments 

Colour: Tangerine
Size: Small/Medium, Large


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