Equimins Wound Gel

Equimins Wound Gel
Wound care using silver ions shown to kill 99% of bacteria. This product is at the forefront of new developments in wound care, using silver ions shown to kill 99% of bacteria. Plus six other active ingredients to help prevent infection and hasten healthy skin rejuvenation, after injury. Helps to keep wounds hydrated.

Size: 100ml airless dispenser.


Equimins Wound Gel (Total Care)
Silver Ions Positively charged silver particles which act as a powerful microbial agent, killing 99% of all germs
MSM Excellent properties for skin recovery.
Aloe Vera Has a long history for skin renewal, it can aid natural recovery from minor grazes and sunburn. Useful for almost any skin condition that needs astringing and soothing.
Tea Tree Oil Has great antiseptic properties to help prevent infection.
Chamomile Oil Has been used for centuries to soothe skin and aid recovery, it is a natural analgesic.
Echinacea Herbal extract Helps to activate the white blood cells and reduce inflammation, and helps to ward off infection.
Elderberry Herbal extract Has natural antibiotic properties.
Allantoin Derived from Comfrey, this is a protein that speeds up cell renewal, and is good for rough and damaged skin.


Directions for use:

Apply liberally to a clean wound two or three times a day.
Store in a cool dry place at 10 - 20 degrees C.

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