Suregrow Fertiliser

Suregrow Fertiliser
Suregrow fertiliser is specifically designed for horse & pony paddocks it slowly releases nutrients giving steady, healthy growth while promoting grass quality, palatability & a greener field. Suregrow can easily be spread by hand & will not scorch the grass. It also aids in the recovery of grazed, poached and stressed grass. Suregrow stimulates root development & growth resulting in a denser sward, a denser sward will also suppress weed growth.

  • No need to relocate your horse whilst spreading*
  • Can be spread buy hand
  • Aids grass recovery
  • Slow release nutrients
  • Stimulates root development
  • Supresses weed growth
  • Improved grass quality
  • Will not scorch grass

*Providing there is 50mm (2ins) of grass

Size: 20kg

Fertiliser is only available for in-store collection or delivery within a 10 mile radius of Ringwood, Please call for details.

Application Rates & Timing

Requirements Application Rates Timing
Spring & Summer
4 – 5 bags/acre
(80kg Bags)
Early March - late July
Late Season
3 bags/acre
(60kg Bags)
Sept - mid Nov

NOTE... In store collection only Availability :