Bliss Bedding

Bliss Basic

Bliss Basic
Bliss Basic is made from is a dust extracted premium quality bedding. Made from rape straw, Bliss bedding is Treated with Trus-STEED Stable Guard disinfectant. The economical bedding, which biodegrades on a muckheap in roughly 6 months, is packaged in fully biodegradable bags.

  • Dust extracted
  • Premium quality 
  • Made from rape straw
  • Treated with Trus-STEED Stable Guard disinfectant
  • Economical 
  • Biodegrades in roughly 6 months
  • Packaged in fully recyclable bags

Feeds & Bedding are not available to purchase online. So pop into our Superstore where you will get a friendly load to car service, or as so many more customers now do, take advantage of our door to door Free Delivery Service (just 10 items up to 10 mile radius). Call our Feed Specialists on 01425 472 341 for us to handle. Please note this is 10 items paid for on one transaction, Parley Equestrian and other Multidrop are just 5 items. Monthly Accounts (BACS Payment) are available for 100 bale drops. We hope to see you real soon! Team Aivly

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