Rambo Vamoose Fly Mask

Rambo Vamoose Fly Mask
Permethrin treated for superior fly protection. The material is infused with the insect repellent, proven effective in human clothing against flies, mosquitoes, chiggers, midges and ants. The repellent-infused Bug Buster is EPA approved and will remain effective through at least 25 washings. The Rambo Vamoose Fly Mask features a detachable nose cover to shade from harmful UV rays and help deter flies from irritating this sensitve area. Eye guard to help prevent the mask rubbing the eye area and to allow the mask maintain its shape. Soft comfortable Vamoose treated fleece to deter fly entry under the mask.

  • Vamoose insect control technology
  • Detachable nose cover
  • Eye guard
  • Large fitting soft ears

Size: Small Pony, Pony, Cob, Full
Colour: Oatmeal


Size Guide

  A B C
Small Pony 59 86 28
Pony 61 89 33
Cob 66 89 34
Full 64 104 36
Extra Full 71 107 46
Sizes in cm
NOTE: Some measurements will vary by up to 10cm due to the adjustment of the touch and close fastenings.



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