JeeGee Horse Bedding

JeeGee Horse Bedding
JeeGee Horse Bedding is a soft, highly absorbent bedding which will biodegrade on a muck heap in 6 – 8 months. The bedding has an extremely low dust content and has been through a dust extraction process making it ideal for those with COPD and respiratory issues. The bedding works by soaking up urine in a small area, locking in odour and moisture - reducing waste and mucking out time. JeeGee Bedding a 100% recycled cardboard bedding which is warm, highly absorbent and clean. Locally made in Blandford, JeeGee Bedding is made from clean and unused egg boxes.

  • Highly absorbent
  • Dust extracted
  • Suitable for those with COPD
  • Warm, comfortable and soft
  • Reduced waste & mucking out time
  • Locks in moisture and odour
  • Biodegrades on a muckheap in 6-8 months

Size: Approx 20kg

Horse feed and bedding is only available for in store collection or free delivery within a 10 mile radius of our Ringwood shop. Please call us on 01425 472341 to book.

NOTE... In store collection only Availability :